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All About Jazz, Geannine Reid: “The 3Divas swing hard, this is simply put -toe tappin' swing for days!”

All About Jazz, Jerome Wilson: “Jackie Warren is a powerfully grooving pianist; Meanwhile Amy Shook and Sherrie Maricle set up a beat so strong it could drive a fleet of eighteen-wheelers.”

Amazon.Com, Grady Harp: “Nothing short of amazing-extremely musical and gifted musicians make the day every time you listen.”

Audiophile, Paul Wilson: “They (3Divas) apply what can only be described as a joyous good time.”

Blog Critics, Susan Francesny: “Maricle, Shook, and Warren produce a dynamic synergy that is magnetic and perceptibly mature. They perform like kindred spirits while maintaining their own individuality.”

Jazz and Blues Magazine, Ron Weinstock.:” A superb trio.”

Jazz Sensibilities, Icrom Bigrad: “Maricle and Shook are a tremendous rhythm section, Warren fills the space above, with melodic constructions that prove this trio is in a whole other league. A total win!”

Jazz Views, CJ Shearn: “ What 3Divas represent is three compatible players without ego reveling in the joy and good vibes of unadulterated swinging and passionate improvisation.”

Jazz Weekly, George W. Harris: “The team is sleek on the swinging read of “Beautiful Love,” suave and sensuous on Tom Jobim’s “Favla” and moonlit pensive during “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. The swing and joy make for one of the best piano trio albums released this year (2017)”

Lemonwire, Dodie Miller-Gould: “3Divas seem to be a power trio that not enough of us have heard yet; a smile in the face of an uncertain future.”

Midwest Record, Chris Spector: “ 3Divas, Killer Stuff.”

Positive Feedback: Marc Phillips: “The music is superb in every way.”

The Jazz Page: “3Divas is the outstanding trio of three tremendously talented musicians. Pianist Jackie Warren, bassist Amy Shook and drummer Sherrie Maricle comprise this fantastic unit. In addition to their individual mastery, there’s an evident chemistry in their performance that is simply superb.

The Jazz Word, Roland Freerier: “The trio is full of dynamics, great feels and heart felt musical joy. With whirling activity 3Divas has created a heartening debut album that is a musical gust of fresh air on the straight-ahead jazz scene. Do your feet a favor and get this, your feet will dance and your heart will sing!

New Yorker Magazine, Steve Futterman: "...this outfit swings standards with enviable panache."

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